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Students of the Ghana International School (GIS) seem to be living in and enjoying a different Ghana from what ordinary Ghanaians are served.

These are some of the reactions that have met the lavish prom organised for final year students of the school.

Ghana International School is one of the top-tier private schools in Ghana which charges huge tuition fees and only attracts students from well-to-do homes.

They use an international curriculum like the Cambridge baccalaureate which makes it easy for their students to transition into the global education system with ease.

As a top private school which attracts students from all over the world, the pomp and pageantry that was showcased at their prom was a huge testament to the wealth and riches these students drool in.

In the exclusive video that has been made available, these students are seen alighting from exquisite cars like the Limousines, Bentleys, Bugatti’s, G-Wagons and Rolls Royce.

The suits and gowns the ladies and gentlemen wore respectively exuded class; it will leave your jaw-dropping.

The students looked extraordinary and far from experiencing the daily struggles of Ghanaians.

The video has generated a conversation about the economic segregation of Ghana and how the rich keep getting rich.

Check out the video below…

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