Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dr UN fires Delay again

DR UN threatens Delay as they clash during an interview
DR UN is still pained over how Delay treated him when they met for an interview about three months ago.

During their clash, the man who succeeded in putting up a fake award ceremony in the name of the United Nations was really humbled and exposed after Delay succeeded in unveiling his real modus operandi.

After failing to give a convincing answer to what landed him in jail and the genuineness of his UN awards, Dr UN eventually became defensive and apprehensive.

Dr UN did not like the line of questioning as it became more personal and could lead to the washing of his already stained linens in public.

At a point in time, he because furious and refused to answer the question about why he jumped the jail term.

Speaking in a new interview with OB TV, DR UN capitalised on the opportunity to throw shades at Delay.

According to Dr UN, he’s still shocked at the rate at which most Ghanaians hold Delay in high esteem because she’s very dumb, rude and arrogant.

He explained that he got infuriated on her show because she was persistently asking him silly questions.

He additionally hinted at suing Delay for tarnishing his hard-earned reputation very soon.

Watch the video below to know more…

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