ENFEXGH MEDIA Best News Update

A 16-year-old photo of Blackstars midfielder Daniel Kofi Kyere sleeping with Ghana souvenirs has resurfaced on the internet and warmed hearts in the process.

The heartwarming picture has shown that dreams come true indeed just like sometimes our gears also do come true.

Apparently, from Kofi Kyere’s childhood, he always dreamt of playing for his motherland.

As revealed by him in the photo, the iconic picture was taken in 2006 by his parents when he was sleeping with lots of Ghana-themed paraphernalia all around him together with a ball.

Meanwhile, Ghana and Portugal will face off later today at Stadium 974 in Ras Abu Aboud at exactly 4 pm.

The two teams will battle it out with Uruguay and South Korea for a place in the knockout stages.

Our players are very prepared and will try to get the maximum 3 points by hook or crook.

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