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It is claimed that a construction contractor and an accomplice bilked TikToker Asantewaa out of ¢300,000.
The TikToker was tricked into believing that she could finish building her own home and move in before the end of the year.

Apparently, Eyram, the baby mom of YOLO’s Aaron Adatsi, informed her pal Asantewaa that her cousin’s husband is a construction contractor and can finish the home for her in time, as reported by gossip site Tutugyaguonline.

The construction supplies and other necessities cost Asantewaa ¢300,000, which she paid for via her trusted friend and ostensible cousin’s husband.

As a busy nurse and influential person, she trusted and entrusted Eyram to make sure her cousin’s husband finished building their new home.

Asantewaa was taken aback last week when she visited the site after paying ¢300,000 to have the property fixed.

When neither Eyram nor the alleged cousin’s spouse answered Asantewaa’s calls, she decided to file a police report.

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