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The Grave Digger Refuses To Free Up Space Until He Is Paid.

Grave Digger expresses his anger by lying in the Grave

A man has express his anger by lying in a grave he dug since he was not paid for his work, It is absurd for people to contract a Grave Digger and refuse to pay him. The man was not paid in advance, and even after the church service he still was not paid.

In order to drive his message home, he jumped into grave saying no burial until his full amount is paid with interest.

This cause a lot of reactions for the family members who were grieving as they began to beg the man to come out and come to the house for the money. The stubborn man refused, claiming he has mouths to feed and is not ready to be owed.

The brother to the deceased had to go into the grave to appeal to the man but he refused to step out.

The mourners and family members at the burial ceremony have to contribute the money for the guy before he finally leaves the premises.

Others said there is nothing wrong with his actions because the deceased family members refused to compensate him for the work he did at that’s the only way he could get the money.

We should respect everyone’s job..

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