Saturday, February 24, 2024

Mobile money withdrawals to be limited to GH¢1k per transaction from tomorrow

Mobile Money (MoMo) agents across Starting on Ghana will from Friday, December 1, Mobile Money (MoMo) enforce an order restricting cash withdrawals to a maximum of GH¢1,000 per transaction.

The decision is outlined in a statement issued by four MoMo Associations: the Northern MoMo Agents Association of Ghana (NOMAAG), the Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MOMAG), the Mobile Money Agents Association Ghana (MMAAG), and the ABAG.

The associations stated that this measure is to secure fair compensation for the services provided by MoMo agents.

According to them, this step is not intended to inconvenience customers but rather to bring attention to their ongoing concerns about insufficient compensation for their services.

The Associations have issued a call to all stakeholders, including customers, urging their support in the pursuit of fair compensation for MoMo agents

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