Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kennedy Agyapong rejects handshake from NPP MPs in parliament (VIDEO)

In a widely circulated video, Kennedy Agyapong was observed abstaining from the customary handshake ritual with his fellow lawmakers from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) side of the house.

This conspicuous deviation elicited murmurs and expressive gestures among his political peers.

While the precise rationale behind Agyapong’s action remains speculative, unverified accounts suggest a plausible connection to purported dissatisfaction stemming from their alleged non-support in the party’s recent flagbearership election.

In the video footage, the distinguished Member of Parliament for the Assin Central constituency in the Central Region, Kennedy Agyapong, is prominently featured in the legislative chamber.

Several fellow MPs, seemingly extending courteous gestures, approach him with outstretched hands, presumably intending to convey their welcome following his participation in the recent election.

To the surprise of onlookers, Agyapong opted not to reciprocate the customary exchange, leaving his colleagues in an awkward stance of unrequited camaraderie.

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