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How to fill NSS Certificate delivery Form and download/print certificate

How to fill NSS Certificate, The National Service Personnel are to provide or fill the certificate collection form for the delivery of their certificate after a successful completion of service.

According to the scheme, certificates will be delivered to the door step of the personnel because of the coronavirus.

The process is made up of 6 steps, we’ve covered everything for easy applicant and downloading

Visit the NSS Certificate Collection Portal HERE
Enter your NSS number
Check your details and click on Continue
Enter your digital address (GPS address) in capital letters
Select confirm and continue if your GPS is captured or I’ll type my address
Table of Contents
Service and Delivery Info
Enter your Area/Neighbourhood
Input your Closest Landmark
Select your City
Choose your State/Region
Give Consent
Copy and save your Electronic Consent Authorization. Only the NSS personnel, by themself, may sign this form Any attempt to impersonate the owner of the records is criminal and may lead to prosecution
Select Continue
Tick the box to confirm that, you are the rightful owner
Click on Authorize and continue
This area contains all the information you’ve entered, read through to see that, all the information are correct and tick the box to accept the terms and condition. Select the continue to proceed

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You will receive a congratualtion message upon completion of the section which read

Congratulations, your delivery information has been successfully submitted! You would be notified when your Digital Certificate has been sent to your email, and physical certificate to your address.

How to print or Download Certificate
You will receive an email from the NSS which read; Your National Service Digital Certificate is attached and ready for viewing in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. You can save, view, and print it at your convenience. If you are unable to open the attachment.

To view or download your certificate, you must enter a password. Your default password consists of your date of birth (as registered with NSS) in the format YYYYMMDD, followed by the first four letters of your Surname in capital letters.

For example:
If your date of birth (as registered with NSS) and Surname is 6th July 1991 and Mensah respectively, then your password would be 19910706MENS. Please note that the Surname should always be keyed in capital letters.

If your date of birth (as registered with NSS) and Surname is 22nd May 1985 and Aa-ire respectively, then your password would be 19850522AAIR. Please note that the Surname should always be keyed in capital letters.

To view your Digital Certificate, simply enter your password in accordance with the provided format. Please keep document passwords safe, and away from unauthorized persons.

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