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A father descended ruthlessly on his teenage son who took out his car without permission.

According to reports, the boy took out his girlfriend Juliana in his father’s car to an event.

He did that in a bid to impress the girl Juliana and flatter his friends.

Per the plan, after his father has left the house, the boy picked up the car, went to his girlfriend’s location and got her on board.

Then, he drove the girl to the event.

No sooner had she left with the girl in his father’s car than his father returned to the house.

Upon seeing that his car was nowhere to be found, he lodged a complaint with the police.

However, he was soon tipped that his high school son was out with his car and had done so to impress his girlfriend.

The distraught father drove to the location, confronted the boy and gave him two hot slaps before he could say jack!

Juliana has also reacted by stating that she had no prior knowledge of the boy’s decision to take his father’s car without permission.

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