Saturday, July 20, 2024

Man cries a river as he finally rents a comfortable room after years of living on the streets (Video)

A man with TikTok handle @itzkayceegold has shared his remarkable journey from living on the streets to finding a comfortable place to call home.

Through a series of captivating videos and heartfelt captions, he expressed deep gratitude.

@itzkayceegold, posted a compelling video on his TikTok account that chronicles his life transformation.

In the video, he can be seen kneeling on the floor of his new residence, overcome with emotion as he reflects on his journey from homelessness to a place of comfort and security.

He wrote;

“From living in a street to a comfortable place now (a true life story). That God that visited me, will see you through, Say amen.”

Netizens Reactions…

@chiomsy reacted; “From squatting around with people to owning my own place that man in heaven has never ever failed me dada.”

@milesXprincess commented; “Who no go no know my brother. Especially in this Lagos.”

@QueenJuliet reacted; “Am not crying l am only trying to say congratulations.”

@Darkskin_Didi said; “I don’t know but his so consistent.”

@laeti commented; “Ameeen capable god will do it for me too d.”

@Jenny AY reacted: “Congratulations.”

@Abraham Praise said; “I tap into your blessings i pray go gives me my testimony too.”

@Loemashs reacted; “God is very much consistent.”

@Deran reacted; “Congratulations.”

@Grace Nakyomu said; “Amen Lord am waiting for your will in our lives.”

@Chinaza precious commented; “This will be my stories soon! From staying with a roomie to living alone.”

@Grace Udoh reacted; “Amen! Congratulations.”

@agwuconstance said; “Congratulations.”

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